Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016

Dear family and friends,

The week has been good.  I´ll let you know about the highlights.  Off we go!

To start off, when we were in Trujillo last week we found some people that make sweet leather scripture cases with custom engravings.  I´m gonna get some, but I´m indecisive.  Any ideas for pictures or scriptures would be appreciated.  It will probably just add to my indecisiveness, but I don´t care, I want to consider all the options!

One thing that´s been sweet about the mission is just the experience gaining.  Before I went on a mission, I could whip out a few scriptures on humility or patience, give a five minute spiritual thought on them, and all was well.  But practice makes perfect! No one can ever truly gain an attribute of Christ without fervent prayer and pleading, and a whole lot of practice.  I´m getting lots of practice at developing those attributes, and it´s cool to see the "framework", if you will,
that I established before my mission being filled with substance!

This past Saturday was the final of the Champion´s League, and every person in Perú was tuned in! Real Madrid v. Atletico Madrid.  It was sweet, the atmosphere kind of reminded me of a college football saturday.  My companion and I caught about 15 minutes total, in different snippets in homes of investigators, and we saw both goals in regulation! We missed Read Madrid winning on penalities however.  Bummer; we were rooting for Atletico.  The USA plays on Friday, and Ecuador v. Brazil on Saturday! Everyone is informing us, especially me being white and all...I guess it´s easy to tell that I´m from the US haha.

Sometimes the leaders here in the branch get super discouraged with the progress of the members or of the branch as a whole.  As I was thinking about what we can do to help them, I realized that the church of Christ has always been like this! It´s almost funny! How many examples are there in the Book of Mormon of the church memebers growing prideful or wicked and stalling in their progress? Almost the whole New Testament is advice from church leaders to members of the church who are struggling in one aspect or another of their membership.  It´s super interesting, and something I look forward to studying more.

I´ve had two wild dreams this past week.  One of them was super realistic; I finished my mission with honor and went home and saw everyone and was super happy.  The other one, I finished my mission, but received the news that I would have to redo my two years for some reason.  The reason escaped me haha.  But I was so depressed! And everyone was there, telling me not to leave again! It was the worst. Luckily it wasn´t real haha.

People keep asking me to teach them how to play the piano.  Stuff like, "Hey, you really ought to teach me to play the piano like that! Do you give lessons?" They see me play in sacrament meeting and want to learn.  I´m definitely willing, but I don´t think they realize that they won´t be able to play the piano in a month...

I love you all tons and hope you have great weeks all of you! Talk to ya next week!

Love, Elder Hart

The 6 month burning of the tie tradition, a little late! Haha I didn´t want to burn one of my ties, so Elder Tuares gave me an old one that he didn´t want and I burned that one instead.  The dude with the weird glasses? That´s my companion haha. 

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