Monday, May 2, 2016

Darn Mosquitos

Dear family and friends,

To start off...glad to hear that Golden State beat the Rockets.  Bummer that Curry´s out, that worries me.  The fact that the Blazers are in the playoffs is surprising to me after they lost Aldridge.  Go Warriors. Or I wouldn´t mind the Spurs of course.  

The mosquitos are out in full force!  My arms honestly make me look like I have chicken pox, there are so many red bumps. Quite bothersome!

So the months and seasons are backwards here, and we´re just heading into winter.  It´s really starting to get "cold."  As in, 65-70 degrees at 9:00 when we go back to the room.  It´s super funny though, EVERYONE breaks out their sweatshirts and blankets and huddles up like it´s below freezing! At night night, as we´re sleeping, it gets down to about 40-45 at the coldest.  When Elder Anco and I leave to run, it´s about 55 and cloudy and feels so good! But during the day it still gets up to 85ish without a cloud in the sky.

I bought a backpack this past week.  There is no better feeling than throwing that thing over my shoulder and feeling like I´m walking the halls of Herriman High haha. Also, I heard the song "Electric Love" by BURNS.  It´s wild how a song brings back so many memories to someone´s head.  No wonder missionaries can´t listen to worldy music, they would be filled with home memories all day!  TRUNKY! (That´s a mission slang word that means "thinking about home" basically.) 

So the Pereda family is getting married and baptized this Saturday.  First, the two kids, 10 and 11, were going to get baptized too.  Then, the parents got uncomfortable and said they wanted the kids to wait until they knew more.  We´ve been teaching the kids specifically this past week, simplifying the lessons and helping them understand things.  They may be back on for baptism now, we aren´t sure and the parents aren´t either haha.  We´re hoping and praying! I love teaching kids though! I feel like the past 18 years of my life, with the thousands of primary lessons and FHEs and object lessons and unplanned teaching moments have prepared me so much to teach kids! So that´s been neat to see that preparation in action and use some of the same lessons and object lessons that my dad used with us here in Peru, thousands of miles away.

I´ve been learing about prayer.  It´s so enlightening to see Nephi´s example.  If I were in his situation and had to build a boat, I probalby would have prayed, "Please help me to build this boat." His specific prayer to receive revelation was answered, and he acted! Alma prays in Alma 31:35 for "power and wisdom" to be able to act in the mission field! Not just praying halfheartedly for people, but praying for specific revalation and strength on how to help them, then acting! Look at every time the word "strength" is mentioned in the Book of Mormon, then how many times prayer is associated with that in being able to gain strength.  Something I´ve been learning lots about lately.

Love you tons and hope you all have great weeks! Can´t wait to skype on Sunday!!

Love, Elder Hart

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