Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Temple!

Dear Family and Friends,

It´s been a whole ten days since I last communicated with you! In a bit of a lack of planning, we were informed last Tuesday of a trip to the temple as a zone the upcoming  Which meant that PDay was switched from Monday to Wednesday.  However, as you may have noticed (and the first thought that came to my mind by the way) is that there is no opportunity to inform the family of the change between a Tuesday and the next Wednesday! With a little help from President Pionner (our branch president) and Elder Whitney, we were able to communicate the change, but it was a little hassle!

Now, as for the temple.  Super good as always!  Session number 8 in Spanish, which is definitely more than I did in English.  It´s pretty sweet to do a session now and compare how much I understand to the few times we went in the CCM.  Little by little, without noticing, I´ve improved!  It´s pretty weird actually.  I´ll see if I can send a few pics here.  

I was thinking this past week about the times before we came to earth.  It must have been a pretty tough decision to come to earth and accept Heavenly Father´s plan!  If one third of his children went with Lucifer, I bet his option looked awfully tempting.  We often glaze over that, just saying "we chose to come to earth," but if every single person that made that decision to keep their first estate gets a place in a kingdom of glory, the decision must have been a hard one to make.

I´ve begun a new exercise program in the mornings which consists of running up and down the stairs many times and doing pushups and situps and things like that.  Anything to get my heart rate up for 30 minutes now that Elder Ortiz doesn´t want to run in the mornings.  I´m having a more difficult time fitting into my pants! It´s a bad feeling haha.

For any friends reading this, my family´s farewell will be June 12 and 1:00 and 13768 (or 13786...I can´t remember) South and 6400 west.  Be there in my place:)  Hopefully it´s okay that I just made that invitation...

Keep on keepin on, love you tons and tons!! 

Elder Hart

(My companion is the one closest to me.  He´s fun)

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