Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hola from Peru!!‏

Holy cow I´m writing my first letter as a missionary!! Wow this has
been such an insane week, I´ve got so much written down that I want to
mention here so everything is going to be way scattered, haha sorry
about that. So we made it here safely last Wednesday morning at 3:00
in the morning! We didn´t get to bed that night until 4:00 and they
made us wake up at 7:00. Ugh. That first day was the longest day of my
life, but not in a homesick way. I haven´t been homesick this whole
time! Don´t get me wrong here, I miss everyone so so so so much, but
I´m just loving my time here so far! This week has felt like a month.
I did get misty eyes looking at my pictures one night....but that´s
all for the crying so far haha! Okay here´s where this email is going
to get really random, sorry for all the bouncing around. It smells
really weird at the CCM. Like a high school locker room mixed with
weird laundry detergent. That´s the worst part though so there could
be worst things. The spanish is coming slowley but surely, the gift of
tongues is so real! We had this 20-1 missionary to investigator type
class discussion on the first day, the kind we used to do in mission
prep. I felt so good about that, I´m just ready to start the teaching
part right now! The Spanish, not so much. But like I said, it´s
coming! The easiest is reading it, then understanding the teachers,
then speaking it, then understanding the natives and everyone else.
We´ve been eating every meal with the Latino elders and trying to talk
to them so that helps a little. We have a fake investigator named
Carlos who´s really our teacher, but we go to his house every night
and teach him a lesson in Spanish and he acts like an investigator.
Man that´s hard! He just lobs softball questions out there, the
perfect questions for missionaries to answer, but we don´t know enough
Spanish to explain how we would like to! I´m getting along well with
my companion, Elder Chapman. He really has a great knowledge and love
for the gospel, but man his Spanish is pretty bad. He works
unbelievably hard on it though and he´s braver than me when it comes
to talking to the natives when we go out in public! Haha his Spanish
accent is so horrible though. I said yall one time this week without
even thinking about it, so I´m also becoming fluent in South
Carolinian without even knowing it. What´s up with the start of World
War 3?? There were some rumors flying around the CCM a few nights ago,
but that´s died down and now no one´s talking about it anymore. But
that´s still pretty crazy if it´s true!! We´ve played basketball and
ultimate frisbee football every day for exercise so that´s been sweet.
The basketball courts are horrible, they´re really slippery and the
hoops are nine feet, but it´s better than nothing! We´ve got some
pretty cute Hermanas in our district, haha so it was hard the first
few days to remember that I´m a missionary.;) I heard about all the
football scores from Elder Sheffield, one of the counselors in the
branch presidency here. Go Mustangs baby!!!! Wow that´s sweet, I wish
I could´ve been there to see it! I also heard that BYU won and Utah
lost...bummer;) There´s an elder here that could be Zac Efron. His
name is Andrew Maddocks, look him up if you can. It´s insane. But he
wants to be a hair stylist so that´s weird. Man I miss everyone so
much and hope you are all doing okay back home! Love you!!!!!! 



Elder Gudoy (the Lima area director for S & I) came to meet me and bring me some chocolate! 
The elders in my district outside of the Lima Temple
It's official!
The view from a balcony here!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

First Day- November 18, 2015

To my family!! 

I´m here reporting live from the Peru MTC! We got here
at 2:30 this morning and I didn´t get to bed until 4:30, then we had
to wake up at 7:00! So I´m way tired right now!! But it´s been great
so far, my companion is Elder Casey Chapman from South Carolina (so
you can look him up Mom;)) and he´s great! He´s the only one who flew
with us that´s also going to my mission.  He was cracking me up on the
way here, lots of "dad gummits" and such.  But he reminds me of Cody
Jarvis as far as spirituality goes so we should work well together.
Sorry I don´t have very much time today, only like 5 minutes!! But
Wednesdays are my P-days so expect a longer letter from me next week!
Also thank you for all of your letters, I read them on the plane and
they were great! I haven´t been too sad at all yet, just excited, but
then I saw all the spanish elders here this morning and got freaked
out big time by all the Spanish around me hahaha.  But it´s okay, I
know I´ll be fluent one day! Okay they´re kicking me off the computer
so I´ll write next week! 

Love you!!!!!!  

Love, Tanner