Wednesday, November 18, 2015

First Day- November 18, 2015

To my family!! 

I´m here reporting live from the Peru MTC! We got here
at 2:30 this morning and I didn´t get to bed until 4:30, then we had
to wake up at 7:00! So I´m way tired right now!! But it´s been great
so far, my companion is Elder Casey Chapman from South Carolina (so
you can look him up Mom;)) and he´s great! He´s the only one who flew
with us that´s also going to my mission.  He was cracking me up on the
way here, lots of "dad gummits" and such.  But he reminds me of Cody
Jarvis as far as spirituality goes so we should work well together.
Sorry I don´t have very much time today, only like 5 minutes!! But
Wednesdays are my P-days so expect a longer letter from me next week!
Also thank you for all of your letters, I read them on the plane and
they were great! I haven´t been too sad at all yet, just excited, but
then I saw all the spanish elders here this morning and got freaked
out big time by all the Spanish around me hahaha.  But it´s okay, I
know I´ll be fluent one day! Okay they´re kicking me off the computer
so I´ll write next week! 

Love you!!!!!!  

Love, Tanner

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