Monday, May 9, 2016


Hello everyone! 

A kinda quicker email this week! As far as transfer news, I´m staying here in Viru, but my companion Elder Anco is off to Chimbote to be a district leader! I get a new companion named Elder Ortiz, so I´ll meet him tomorrow and see what´s up there.  

We had a marraige and baptism this week! I´ll send some pics to my mom, hopefully the blog is still a thing and she puts pictures there for all to see...:)  But it was super good! My first baptism on the mish!

Something super funny happened this week.  SO there are these two twins in a family we teach that are crazy.  At one point in a lesson, one of them started going to the bathroom on the floor of the house.  The other twin started to attempt to step/leap over the jet, then cross back over.  It was so disgusting! But we were trying so hard not to start laughing!

Being Mother´s day and all, I of course have to give a little spot in the email to my mom! I, like everyone else, always think of the moms of the sons of Helaman.  In the chapters 56 and 57 of Alma, it´s interesting to see the roles their mothers played as teachers and examples, and the impact their mother´s testimonies had on them.  In their darkest, scariest moments, they thought of their moms´ testimonies, and were strengthened.  I can testify of the reality of that power! More than once, my beautiful mother´s face, words, or testimony have come into my mind and comforted me in times of trouble.  Like Mormon says, "perfect love casteth out all fear."  Is there any love on earth closer to perfect love than the love of a mother? 

Love you all tons and tons and tons and hope you have a great week! 

Elder Hart

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