Monday, June 6, 2016


Hello family and friends,

This week we had a multizone conference with the two zones in Trujillo.  It was probably the highlight of the week just for being something different! It was fun to see a lot of the missionaries who have been in my zone and get caught up on how they´re doing.  One thing that´s kinda funny here in Perú is the tightness of the missionary hugs.  It´s good manners when you enter a room here to shake hands and greet EVERYBODY, so everyone was shaking hands for like the first 10 minutes.  When you saw someone you knew, of course you go for the hug to show a litle more affection than just the average handshake, right? Well missionaries here hug tight! I was used to doing like the manly types of hugs, maybe just a one sider.  Or maybe a grab the hand in armwrestle formation, then bring it in with a good pat on the back.  Missionaries here go full on, two arm, rest the head on the shoulder, prolonged hugs! It kinda wierded me out at first, but I´m used to it now.  I don´t give them yet, but I´m used to receiveing them haha.

It was also kinda funny, we took a group picture after the training was over.  As we were in the big group of people just after the picture had been taken, people dispersing, some missionary comes up to me and goes, "Hey, you got a 36 on your ACT right?"  At first I was like, "Oh boy here we go again!", which led to, "Whoa I haven´t heard that in a while actually..." to "Hey, I haven´t heard it because I´m in Perú, how did he find out about that!?" All in a split second.  We had a fun little talk, he´s from Arizona and goes home soon.  Still don´t know how he found out, I asked him and he said something like, "I just found out" or "Someone told me" or something like that that gave me absolutely no information at all.  It was wild though.  

I hit day 200 in the mish this past Friday.  Crazy! And it´s also crazy that I graduated one year ago! That flew.  Congrats to all my friends who have now graduated and will begin leaving one after the other throughout the world.  What a time in my life that was. 

There were elections this past week, and a North American won.  We´re taking over the world I think! Good work everyone, it´s working out just as we planned it hehehe....Also, because of the elections, we weren´t allowed to leave until 4:00 yesterday, so we made brownies in our branch president´s house which was sweet!

Meanwhile, the work continues! We found 10 new investigators this week, which was a good success.  A few are very promising, a few not so much, but at least we´re rasing a voice of warning and love and casting seeds of truth! We don´t have to worry as much about where they land as about our responsibility to get them out there!

That being said, there are some confused people in this world.  One of our new investigators asked us 1) If it´s okay to eat food prepared by someone in another religion, or if we have to throw it out, and 2) showed us a youtube video and claimed that Heavenly Father himself was the one narrating the video.  Some ideas that her pastor had put in her head.  Thank goodness for the mercy that Heavenly Father has for those who don´t receive or understand the law because of the wickedness of past generations! It can sometimes be discouraging to see just the inability to understand something that would make people so happy! However, we take comfort in knowing that all things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things.

I love you all dearly! Have a great week!

Elder Hart

P.S.  Hart family farewell, 6400 W and 13786 S, this Sunday and 1:00! Be there! :)

The homecoming of our pensionista´s daughter.

Had to take a picture of the Papa John´s that we had on Friday after the multizone!

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