Monday, June 13, 2016

Fathers and Sons!

Dear family and friends,

We had a pretty good week this week! Just working hard like always! There were a few interesting and funny things, however...

We had a campfire night on Friday.  There is a street with tons of less actives that borders this river, so we thought it would be sweet to have a campfire and testimony night and invite everyone on the street.  The attendance was good, the refreshments were tasty, and it would have been so reverent and nice...except for the next door neighbor Catholics who were blaring their traditional Spanish tunes super loud and drinking up a storm! It was kinda frustrating, but oh well! The next one will be better haha.

We are in the middle of the "Copa Centenario" right now, which is actually being played in the US.  Everyone is happy to tell me, upon seeing the whiteness of my skin, how the US is doing.  They finished at the top of their group, which set up a meeting with...Ecuador, which is where my companion is from! He´s already talking all sorts of smack, as well as the other Ecuadorian I live with.  We´ll just have to wait until Friday...Also, PerĂº beat Brazil yesterday, in a game that I didn´t even know who to cheer for (for obvious reasons;)) We didn´t have to watch it to know what was happening, the noise in the houses gave us a good indication.  PerĂº came out on top, much to the delight of everyone here!

One fun thing: the nice members and less actives and investigators sometimes offer us a snack after our lesson.  Pretty much 100% of the time, that snack is either saltine or ritz-type crackers with Inka Cola or Coca Cola.  Always! And the staple at ward activities is a juice called chicha morada and popcorn.  It´s funny how traditions get passed down and spread!

Two lessons to be remembered from this week: in one we invited a lady to seperate from her husband to live the law of chastity.  He doesn´t want to get married at all!  Her response: "Yeah, I´d be fine with that.  I´ll talk to him tonight.  If he wants to get married, I´m fine with that.  If not, I´ll just leave.".......okay.  It was not the response I was expecting! Man I´m thankful for my family.  The second, there was a lady who was testifying to us about the blessings of heaven.  She used the example of when she stole 100 soles from her brother and as he went to count his money, she was praying that he wouldn´t notice.  He didn´t, and the lady took that as the answer that Heavenly Father really blesses her.  We had to explain that her faith was real, but that stealing like not okay.

I don´t know if Father´s Day was yesterday or this coming Sunday. Here it´s this coming Sunday, but I could have sworn it was always the second Sunday in June.  Anyway, a little tribute to fathers, especially my own.  I was thinking a little while back about the Father Son relationships in The Book of Mormon.  That book is built on fathers and sons! Lehi. Jacob. Mosiah. The two Almas, the two Helamans, and the two Nephis. Mormon and Moroni. It´s pretty cool! And how many of our precious teachings and truths are counsels from their fathers to their kids?  The beginning of 2 Nephi and Alma 36-42 immediately come to mind, with the closing chapters in Mormon and Moroni.  If there were such a thing as "The Book of Tanner" I think pretty much the whole thing would be full of precious truths that I´ve learned from my dad.  Of course, the one example I didn´t mention is that of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, which is testified of all throughout. I´m grateful for the divinely inspired pattern of fathers and sons and families!

I love you all tons and tons and hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Hart

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