Monday, February 29, 2016


Hey everyone! Man, the weeks are starting to really blend together! I hit day 100 in the field this past Wednesday so that´s cool! Haha 623 to go! But I´m pumped to keep learning and growing and serving during that time, I´m not going to waste a day! This past Tuesday, we had interchanges with the district leader.  Basically, an interchange is like a 24 hour sleepover.  I went to Elder Benitez´s (DL) zone on Tuesday after our District Meeting, and we had a normal proselyting day from 3-9.  It was so sweet to go proselyting with him, we killed it that day! We taught tons of people and found 6 new investigators and they all accepted the invitation to be baptized! Haha except now I´m back in my zone and he gets to keep working with them.  It was super cool to learn from him though and see how he does things.  Wednesday was cool too, we went on splits with the members which is always sweet (mainly cause they always offer to buy you snacks and soda haha). We also went to a baptism that the District Leader had this past Saturday which was way cool.  I can´t wait to have that same experience as a missionary, watching someone who I have gotten to know so well make a covenant with Heavenly Father and show him that they are converted and are willing to serve him!  
One thing I learned this week: it´s super interesting in the book of Mosiah.  There are two stories almost exactly the same in Chapters 21 and 23.  Two groups of people get taken into bondage and put in a situation that, as the scriptures say, is impossible for them to get out of themselves.  The first group, Limhi´s people, try to get themselves out three times, and just get destroyed.  Only then do they humble themselves "to the dust" and cry unto the Lord that HE will deliver them! With the second group, they do that immediately! Both groups are delivered eventually, but only after they learn to be humble and rely 100% on the Lord.  It´s impossible for an 18 year old kid to convert a 50 year old Spanish Catholic lady, especially when the 18 year old white kid doesn´t know Spanish;) I´ve tried a few times, more than three probably, and it doesn´t work! So I´m learning how to be humble and rely completely on the Lord and the Holy Ghost!
Anyway, that´s the week in Chimbote Central.  Thank you all for you emails and love and prayers and support!  I hope everyone has a super duper week and I´ll talk to you next Monday!
Elder Hart

Me and Elder Guerrero at a pizza restaurant on P-Day!

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