Monday, February 22, 2016

Being a Missionary

Hey everyone! Man it´s still so wild to me that I´m a real live missionary with a tag and everything! I can just barely believe it.  I still get chills when I walk past a window or something and see me with my tag on.  It feels so cool! This week as far as the work goes has been pretty normal! We´ve been working more with less actives this past week, and had 5 of them come to church so that was sweet! We´re still working hard with Sonia.  A couple problems arose this past week with the Law of Chastity and Sabbath Day with her, but we´re just gonna keep visiting her and working hard and trusting the Atonement! Honestly, she´s the only investigator that´s close to baptism right now.  I want so bad to just start knocking doors and talking to people! We work so deeply with refrences though that we hardly ever do that! It´s a little frustrating because the refrences are basically just a specific door to knock that a member gives us, so it´s not really any different that just tracting if that makes sense.  So I don´t know why we don´t just do more straight knocking, rather than ask members what door we should knock haha! But that´s alright.  I know that as my Spanish improves I´ll be more comfortable in making relationships and talking to people in the streets. 
I´ve been thinking lots more about covenants this week.  I love 1 Nephi 15:14.  Thanks to the Book of Mormon, we know HOW to come unto Christ and be saved! Lots of people know about Christ, but not too many know HOW to come unto Him! It´s a lie of Satan that we can worship God in any way we want, but a lie that absolutely runs rampant in the world! It doesn´t make sense! He gave the children of Israel the Law of Moses and 10 Commandments, especially the first 2, to tell them how to worship him! Thanks to the Book of Mormon, we have that knowledge again! Covenants and baptism! That principle is super talked about in 1 Nephi 13-15, and it´s something I´ve been thinking about a lot.  I´m so grateful to have that knowledge, restored through Joseph Smith! Love you guys a ton and I hope you all have stupendous weeks wherever you may be found!! :) Love, Elder Hart

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