Monday, February 8, 2016

End of Transfer 1...

What´s up everyone?? I made it through my first transfer here! I´m staying in Chimbote Central with Elder Guerrero, which we know was going to happen.  I need to finish my training here! After this next transfer, I´ll probably stay here and get a new companion, Elder Guerrero has been here his whole mission, since October!  This week has been a pretty solid week as far as the work goes.  We had more of our appointments that didn´t fall through, which was nice, and picked up some new investigators that we´re really hoping are ready for baptism! We´ll see I suppose...we had the "Reunion de Nuevos" this past Friday in Trujillo.  Me and Elder Guerrero went back to the mission office and met up with all the people that came to this mission with me from the CCM.  So that was a fun time to see all them again! We had Papa John´s pizza and it was exactly the same as the Papa John´s 10 minutes from my house!! Haha it made me miss home actually, which was quite unexpected coming from a pizza.  I also learned my return date: November 6, 2017! Mark it down;) I can´t remember if I said this in an email already but we learned a few weeks ago that we´re going to be able to go to the Trujillo Temple once every three months as a zone, so I´m pumped for that! We don´t have our date as a zone yet.  The Spanish is still coming, slowely but surely! It´s the worst though, I want to talk to people so bad! For example, our pensionista´s name is Paulo.  He´s 28ish, he´s a recent convert and lives with his mom, who´s also our pensionista haha.  He has the Aaronic Priesthood but has a problem with drinking.  He always tries to escape it but just falls back into his habits.  This past month, since his last relapse, he´s been fasting three times a week! He also got a calling doing indexing for family history and he hit the ground running so hard with it! He´s at the church like 2 hours a day indexing and teaching members how to index.  He´s so dang humble and I love it! He always wears MLS soccer jerseys and watches Sportscenter and soccer and plays FIFA and I want so bad just to talk to him cause he´s so cool! So that´s the rough part of the Spanish, that I can´t really have a conversation with him.  I could teach him a lesson though, so progress haha! For the spiritual thought this week, I was reading in Jacob 5 and was impacted by the talk of covenants, or roots.  All the Lord´s efforts in bringing to pass our immortality and eternal life depends on covenants, so he does all he can to preserve these covenants! Prunes, digs, and nourishes.  Takes away anything in our lives that will hinder our growth and not bring forth fruit, maybe makes us a little uncomfortable as he digs around us and gains more access to our covenants, then nourishes them through his word, spirit, and our experiences! Lots of churches have good teachings, but what makes The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints so different is that we have COVENANTS and PRIESTHOOD to administer them! All this is possible through the ATONEMENT!  That´s been on my mind lots this week.  Our purpose is to baptize so people can make covenants, and reactivate so people can renew them! Then the ultimate goal is the temple, more covenants! So anyway, that´s been on my mind this week.  Our covenants keep us protected and preserved from the world, and I am so grateful for the covenants I have made and the protection that they give me! Anyway, I´m rambling here.  I love you all and have a super duper week! 

Elder Hart

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