Monday, March 7, 2016

Hola :)

My dearest friends and family, how is everyone?! This week has been...pretty normal.  There were some highlights though! We had a sweet experience with an investigator named Sonia this week.  She´s super up and down.  Some lessons we have with her, we leave thinking she´s gonna get baptized in two weeks.  Others, we leave thinking she´s never gonna make it.  But anyway, this past week we had a lesson with her and it was sweet.  We were talking about the priesthood, and she randomly just goes, "Can I tell you guys something?" We were like, "Oh boy..." And she says, "Something weird has been happening in my life.  I used to like going out with friends and partying and drinking every once and a while.  Ever since I started meeting with you guys, those desires have left me.  I don´t want to drink or party anymore, I want to please Heavenly Father."  We were so pumped!! Just get baptized already!!! So we left that lesson way excited.  We´ll see what happens, she still doesn´t feel like she has a real true testimony of the Book of Mormon.  But she does! We just have to help her recognize it haha:)
I´ve been thinking a ton this week about the role of the Holy Ghost.  I think we have to be super careful that we don´t downplay who the Holy Ghost really is.  Often, we talk about "feeling the Spirit" or "the Spirit was really strong." Strong feelings of warmth and comfort are definitely ways in which the Holy Ghost can manifest Himself, but it´s way more than that! He´s the teacher, comforter, testifier, bringer-to-remembrance, enlightener, converter, knowledge-giver, cleanser, sealer-of-covenants, and way more too probably! I´m so grateful for the influence of the Holy Ghost in my life, not only the times when I´ve felt that warm comforting feeling, but all the things I´ve learned from Him! I love Doctrine and Covenants 6:14.  Every time we pray to Heavenly Father, he instructs us through His spirit! It´s just that we don´t always recognize it! I hope that we can all do a little bit better and recognizing the importance of the Holy Ghost in our lives and do our best to follow His promptings!  
I love you all so much and hope you have great weeks!!!
Love, Elder Hart

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