Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I Love to See the Temple (Sorry for the Cheesy Subject Line;))‏

Good Wednesday afternoon all! This week has been super crazy because we went to the temple yesterday! So our P-Day got switched to Tuesday, but we didn´t have time to write so we´re writing today, and yeah.  But here we are!  The temple was so good.  So good! I´ll see if I can send some pics or something! But the Trujillo Temple is so pretty! Man, it immediately became one of my favorite temples the minute we saw the landscaping the first day in the field, and being inside just confirms it! It was so sweet to be back in the temple and feel that unique spirit that I hadn´t felt in a few months! It´s gonna be way cool to live in Provo and have two temples so close! (this coming from the kid who lived like 8 minutes from the Oquirrh Mountain temple haha).  Also, the smell of my temple clothes still smells like my house, so when I was getting all dressed I thought about home and felt even more comfortable! In the Lord´s house, and smelling my own house too haha.

I know March Madness started this past week, and I´ve been missing it like crazy! Not letting it distract from the work at all, but definitely missing it! Missing the theme song.  The alliteration.  The Selection Sunday, the Final Four, the Bracket Busters and Cinderella Stories.  Joe Lunardi, Doug Gottlieb, Greg Gumble, and Andy Katz.  The AT&T commercials.  Harvard and Butler and Wisconsin always being underrated, and Villanova and Notre Dame and Duke always being overrated.  The app-opening and bracket-checking  The live streaming during class.  Making six different brackets for every possible situation, because with six brackets one of them is guaranteed to be perfect.  The 5 seed 12 seed matchups.  One 15 seed always getting way too close to pulling the upset, or even making it happen.  I could go on and on and on. March Madness, you are missed by one who loves you very much...;)

We did a service project this past week: paint the first counselor in the bishopric´s kitchen.  Convenient, eh? It was good though haha.

I´m a little short on time this week, but I just want everyone to know that I love you and miss you! Talk to you in five short days!
Elder Hart

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