Monday, April 3, 2017

After a three week break....

Hello everyone! 

After a few weeks off, it´s good to greet you again.;)  The 20th there was no internet connection here in Bellamar because off all the rains and flooding in Perú, and the 27th I read two weeks worth of emails and had no time to do anything.  But I´m alive and well! Nothing happened here though, except one night of really hard rain.  That is, really hard for drain-less, gutter-less, adobe house Perú.  

I can barely remember all the things that happened the past three weeks! I guess the one that stands out the most was Keysi´s baptism, which took place on March 24th.  She´s been really converted, keeping the sabbath day holy and dressing modestly even in the face of mean comments from her family.  She went to both sessions of general conference yesterday and has lots of friends in the church.  It´s so interesting to watch a person change from the first meeting to their baptism.  She´s just different! There´s a new light, more confidence, something almost unexplainable.  It´s a really neat experience, a cool thing to be a part of.

In other news:
-I picked Gonzaga in the title game. I thought they would be facing Kansas...but still! 22 first round games right, 6 of the sweet sixteen, 2 of the elite eight, then just Gonzaga.  Go Zags. ;)
-Because of the rains and floods, the roads are pretty bad, and President Rios infromed us this week that there will be no changes! I´m excited to be here in Bellamar until May 22!
Of course, I loved general conference yesterday.  Everyone has a favorite talk right? Mine was Gary B. Sabin, just for his BYU football reference! Haha just kidding, though he did give a great talk, as well as all the others.  What a blessing, what an opportunity, to hear from leaders of the real, living church of Jesus Christ!  I loved the focus on Him and the chance I had to refocus on Him.  What an evidence of the truthfulness of the church! There´s just this feeling about the whole thing that has to come from God.  I know it´s Christ´s church, and that this is His work! I love it.

Love, Tanner

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