Monday, April 10, 2017

April 10, 2017

Dear family and friends,

Not lots of things are happening here.  Today should have been transfer day, but because of the flooding and such, the roads are pretty damaged! President informed us last week that there would be no changes, so this week was completely normal! It all feels weird, starting a new transfer when no one was transfered! I was a fan though, I love Bellamar a lot and look forward to (hopefully) six more weeks! President told us that there could possibly be mid-transfer transfers, so more news coming on that if it happens...

As far as the work goes...all is well.  One of the people we had that was progressing and we thought could be baptized (the flirty one, if you´ve read past emails) is probably not going to be baptized anymore.  We found out this week that the lady he was flirting with (and that flirted with him!) does not like him or want to marry him.  So all of that got pretty awkward pretty fast.  Hopefully we can find him soon, he also has a nephew in the ward that can maybe help us! 

We were told about a new room this week that we really want to move into, so hopefully that sounds big.  The fact of me including that detail in this email shows the scarceness of source material for this week haha.

I´ve been doing what President Nelson invited us to do in general conference about studying every reference to Jesus Christ in the topical guide, and I love it! It´s unbelievable how it changes my attitude, makes me more excited to do the work, and increases my love for everyone in this little part of Chimbote! And I´ve only been through 3 of the 57 different titles!

Also, I heard North Carolina won the national championship, so my bracket was almost good! Definitely picked the Zags.

Love you all, have a wonderful week!


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