Monday, March 13, 2017

Finding Work

Dear family and friends,

Remember Ana from last week? The girl who works Sundays but wants to be baptized on the 25th and in order to keep the Sabbath day fasted to find new work? And by fasting, got so sick that she was bedridden but continued fasting and praying? Well, on Monday, the day after our fast, her neighbor approached her and told her about a local job from Monday to Friday, where they pay well and which would also allow her to study, which her current job doesn´t! We were so excited when we heard.  She went to ask about it on Wednesday, and they told her to come back later.  She went back on Friday, and they said the same.  We´re still waiting to see the outcome, but she has faith that it will all work out according to the will of the Lord.  

Jorge, the awkward investigator who´s in love with a member and vice versa, called this lady a "temptation" for him during our lesson on the Plan of Salvation as we were talking about our life here on earth.  It was pretty uncomfortable.  But the lady didn´t even react so I guess she´s fine with it? We´re gonna try teaching him somewhere else this week and see how it goes.  He came to church though so that´s good!

The heat is reducing, which is very welcome.  It even rained this week which is really rare here! It was actually kind of a bad thing for lots of the people, their houses aren´t equipped for any rain hardly at all, so there were lots of dripping roofs the next day! We enjoyed the coolness though.  There was another down side, however: the garbage system here is just through-your-garbage-on-the-curb-or-wherever-you-want and the guy comes and gets it.  So the wet garbage, combined with the heat of the next day, made for a pretty nasty smell haha!

Well, the time is short, but thanks so much for all the updates and pictures and support and prayers and everything else! Love you lots and talk to you next week!

Love, Tanner

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