Monday, November 28, 2016

Pollo a la brasa (part 2)

Dear family and friends,

What an insane week! For real, it was a wild week.  I can barely remember all that happened.  Tuesday was a crazy day.  We got a few fun calls from the offices informing us about new rules, just basically about food here.  We can´t buy refreshments for zone conferences anymore, and we can´t eat together as missionaries for any occasion...shoot.  So we were kind of mourning about that all day;) But we didn´t let it stop us!  We knocked this one door on Tuesday, and a 27 year old guy named André walks out.  We kind of had a little discussion, and then get on the topic of religion.  The first thing he said was, "I´ve got to get baptized, I just don´t know in what church!" Haha we were pretty surprised! So we had a good lesson with him about the restoration and he committed to coming to church.  He didn´t make it but we´re excited to work with him anyway! 

That night, just as we were finishing planning, we got a call from the health secretary telling us that one of the sisters was sick and throwing up and needed a blessing.  So we threw our church clothes back on and rushed over there with her district leader.  I honestly felt kind of like a superhero; getting the call, putting on the uniform and getting to the scene as fast as possible, etc.  It felt pretty sweet haha.  So that was a crazy day!

Wednesday, we had our zone conference, the first one that I´ve taught in.  Man it´s a fun thing.  I have so much more to learn about teaching and leading discussions but I like doing it.  One of the assistants was there and dropped the bomb that we couldn´t eat ANY FOOD outside of our pension.  Not even if it was wrapped! So there was a big hullabaloo about that.  We were getting calls from members and missionaries the next three days complaining and asking clarifying questions and special permission.  Haha it was nuts.  We called the other assistant to clarify and he said, "No, nothing has changed.  Just no prepared food."  So now everyone is more content.  All these food rules!

Thursday was, of course, Thanksgiving!  Which doesn´t exsist here.  So it was just a good old normal day.  However, that night we asked our pensionista for pollo a la brasa to celebrate the special occasion.   It was a good ole Peruvian style Thanksgiving dinner! We did do a little "What are you thankful for?" ceremony before eating, which really brought the holiday spirit too. ;)

Hmm...had an interchange with an Elder Weeks this week.  He´s so awesome.  He earned every merit badge possible and had his Eagle when he was 14!!  He´s pretty new in the field (9 weeks) but he´s just got the missionary spirit, it was super fun to be with him and learn a few things.  

Wow, what a week! Sometimes I get kinda frustrated because of the darn apostasy!  There are so many different ideas; all religions are right, choose the one that fits you best,  true religion is loving others, "church" is just a building where people go.  It´s such a challenge figuring out how to overcome those false beliefs!! Every once and awhile I let it get me down, but I know I can´t do that.  It does, however, make me so grateful to have the restored gospel in my life.  To have restored priesthood authority by which saving ordinances can be perfomed and covenants can be made.  To belong to an orginization led by the resurrected Jesus Christ through His prophets and apostles, an organization designed to help families be happy and eternal.  To have received the gift of the Holy Ghost from an authorized priesthood holder! Unbelievable blessings that we often take for granted.  There are people in Bellamar that are searching for these things!  We´ve just gotta find em.  

I love all of you so much, happy late Thanksgiving and have a great week!!

Love, Tanner

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