Monday, December 5, 2016

PDay Activities

Dear family and friends,

I usually come into these email sessions fairly prepared with what I´m going to say.  But not today! This may be lots of rambling, so buckle up!

Mmm...we went to the Christmas devotional yesterday! We could only go if we took an investigator, and luckily one of ours was able to go! His name is André, the guy we found last week.  We had a great talk beforehand about the Holy Ghost and the role it plays in our conversion, and just really invited him to pay close attention to his feelings and thoughts as he read the Book of Mormon, and as he listened to the talks that night.  As I listened, I was going, "Oh yes! Yes! That´s so true, this is so perfect for him!" Afterward, we asked him how he liked it.  His answer? "I mean, yeah, anything good is from God right?" He was...less impressed than I was.  It´s so interesting how we can, as members of the church, be so impacted and feel the spirit so strongly as we listen to the bretheren speak, while others just don´t seem to feel it! Or maybe just don´t recognize it.  I thought it was super interesting.  And he kept refering to President Eyring as "the brother" haha.  He´s a great guy though, we´ll see how he progresses!

A few other people: a guy named Pablo is getting baptized this week! He´s been listening to the missionaries for a while now, and all his family got baptized a year or two ago.  He was just always afraid to commit! We had a sweet talk with him this week, with his returned missionary grandson there present as well, and just talked about the doctrine and blessings of baptism.  Two lessons learned there: 1) emphasizing action without teaching doctrine rarely works, in any circumstance, and 2) investigators understand a lot better when the teacher is someone they love.  So his grandson taught him about the gift of the Holy Ghost and the remission of sins, and BOOM! December 10, Pablo´s getting baptized.

We also are teaching this girl named Ana who, when left with the commitment of reading 3 Nephi 11, read to 3 Nephi 17.  The first time in my mission that that´s happened! So that was sweet.  She just works a lot...darn work.

One of my favorite activites here is going to the mall.  We go kind of often, to buy cleaning supplies for missionaries and on many P-Days.  There´s a Burger King there that I love so much.  I didn´t even like Burger King that much in the states! But a good old "King Pollo" with a "Cono Relleno" always just hits the USA spot.  We also play soccer with the members on most P-Days.  I love sports.  I love watching soccer, and playing FIFA.  I love running around.  But it´s pretty humiliating playing soccer with 13 other super good latinos.  Pretty humiliating...and they get competitive too! And show their frustration when it goes through my legs! Which is most of the time haha.  But it´s okay, I just imagine playing basketball in a church gym and it makes me happy again.

But that is all for this week! The work goes on! Transfers came and went with no changes, so we´ll look forward to six more weeks with Elder Fernandez in Bellamar and see what we can do to hasten the Lord´s work! Man the time goes fast.

Love ya lots!!

Elder Tanner Hart

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