Monday, December 12, 2016

Darn Craft Presentations

Dear family and friends,

Another week has passed us by, and Christmas is almost here! The #iluminaelmundo campaign is in full swing here in Peru which is a pretty sweet thing.  The video is the exact same though, and for some reason the mission office sent us the English video instead of the Spanish one.  So every time we show the video to an investigator or member, they´re translating the scriptures at the end.  But it always brings a good spirit anyway! 

Today for PDay we did a little shopping and found some ties for 9 soles, or 3 dollars! So I definitely splurged on those 3 dollar ties haha.  There are some real perks to Perú! 

We were going to have a baptism this Saturday, but...there was a stake relief society activity that took up the whole entire stake center!! And of course, it was a CRAFT PRESENTATION!! Man oh man was I frustrated.  We´re going to put off performing a saving ordinance for a 74 year old man for a CRAFT PRESENTATION?? And not only a 74 year old man, but one who´s been real hesitant about getting baptized.  We were always talking about how it was such a sacred, serious thing, and then we change the date on him at the last minute.  He was all good with it, and we´re doing it this Friday instead, so there shouldn't be any problem.  But lesson learned, the time is come and is far past to ask for a copy of the stake calendar of activities.  

We´ve got a few others that are super close too! They´re so good! We´re teaching three people -- Ana, Flor, and André -- who are reading the Book of Mormon and praying to feel of it´s truthfulness.  Still a few struggles in the coming to church part, but we´re working with it! The problem is finding.  Haha President Rios "burned" us (Latin slang that also kinda works in English) saying that we should feel dejected and worried for our key indicators this week.  I´m pretty sure the connotation doesn´t translate exactly, because he´s a very nice man...but we are pretty stressed about it! The goal for new investigators is 8 a week, and we´ve found 2, 3, and 1 in consecutive weeks.  Dang I feel so motivated to just get to work and knock every door in Bellamar, but I´m pretty sure there´s a better, more effective way, one that requires lots more patience and love, but equal diligence.   What´s that way, you ask?? .....I don´t exactly know either.  Yet!

Two quick thoughts from this past week: an understanding of the godhead is so important in conversion! Understanding who we are praying to, and who will give us the answer to our prayers.  Understanding who Jesus Christ is, which of course leads to faith in him, repentance, baptism, etc.  Understanding the personage of spirit that will teach us the truth.  If an investigator doesn´t understand that, how will they be converted?? Work to do there.  Also, we often feel that we aren´t being blessed despite our best efforts.  However, "being blessed" and "having an easy life" are certainly not the same thing! In fact, they may be opposites!  Heavenly Father ALWAYS blessed and blesses the righteous, even if their life isn´t always exactly easy.  Thanks for listening to my spiritual though. :)

Have a super good week!

Love, Tanner 

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