Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Lots of Other Missionaries

Dear family and friends,

First of all, happy Tuesday! Our P-Day got all switched up because our zone got to go to the temple today! It´s about a 2.5 hour ride in bus, so we got up at 4:00 AM to get to the terminal in Chimbote, then Trujillo, then the temple and make the 8:30 session.  So it´s been kind of a long day, but I love being in the temple! We´ll see if I have enough time to add a pic or two...

But the week has been pretty long! We changed houses on Tuesday, and when I say house, it´s literally a house.  Most missionaries here have just a room or two that they rent, but the missionaries before me were lucky enough to find a two floor house for about the same price! So our house is ginormous.  We had all the elders over on Tuesday morning to help us move, which was really nice.  Also got to know a certain Elder Bischoff.  Like many of my relationships with people, it began with a discussion about BYU sports.  He´s a pretty big fan, so we got talking about that, then the NBA, then a little golf and high school sports and high school and Utah and the conversation was just a rolling.  If we would have gone to the same high school (he went to Pleasant Grove), we would have probably done lots of stuff together.  Always fun to meet new people right?

There are lots of Peruvian jigs that really make you want to dance that have been coming out lately.  I´m honestly excited to get home and add Peruvian music to my playlist! It´s kinda weird...but it says in Preach My Gospel chapter 7 to adapt to the culture of your mission too! 

Also, with the enormity of our house, it makes it fit to house more elders! The secretaries of the mission, Elders Velasquez and Millett, were in town to get a few things done and stayed with us for two or three nights.  It was fun to get to know them a little more, Elder Millett is also from Pleasant Grove and Elder Velasquez is from New York.  I proselyted with him a few hours on Thursday as well which was a neat experience.

Oh, but another thing with the house (it´s gonna seem like I´m obsessed here).  We have yet to install the water heater, and the water is SO COLD! Three times as cold as in Virú.  It´s extra motivation to exercise in the morning and heat up.  At least I´m not totally missing the Winter in Utah in November feeling, though! 

And Friday, we had room inspections! The Whitneys came to Chimbote and first surprised us by visiting our room with no notice.  Then, we went with them to all the other missionaries in the zone on surprise visits, just basically making sure it was clean and seeing if they needed anything for their rooms.  It was uneventful, but it´s always fun spending a morning with the good ole Whitneys.

I´m loving the mission.  One thing I´ve really learned here is how to seek personal revelation.  How grateful I am for a Heavenly Father who wants to reveal his will to us! We´re so uncapable of doing it alone, but with prayer and fasting and scripture study and pondering, the Holy Ghost really guides us and impresses upon our minds the courses to take! Again, things I KNEW before the mission but never really understood or experienced.  If that makes any sense.  

Well, hope you all have wonderful weeks, and I'll talk to ya next Monday!  Thanks a bunch for the letters and pictures!

Love, Tanner

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