Monday, November 21, 2016

Pollo a la Brasa

Dear family and friends,

In reading my last email, I realized something might have been confusing.  I said, "I hit my one year mark this Thursday."  When I said that, I meant this coming Thursday, not this past Thursday! But now, a week later, I can say I hit my one year mark this past Thursday! It´s a pretty wild feeling.

We had mission leadership council this week which was sweet! We analized the talk "The faith to find and baptize converts," which Elder Anderson gave at the most recent Mission President Seminar.  It´s such a good, motivating talk!  But as good as that was...the lunch might have tied it haha.  We went to a "pollo a la brasa" place after for Sister Whitney´s birthday.  Pollo a la brasa is basically rotissere chicken with fries and tomatoes and carrots and mayonaisse and pepper sauce.  It´s a Peruvian classic, and it´s pretty tasty if I do say so myself.  So that was also a bonus.

Another first this week: a dog bit me! Not actually bit though, more like grabbed on with his teeth and then let go.  It just felt like someone grabbed my calf for half a second, it didn´t even break skin.  But it still scared me to death, I shook that thing off like I was doing the hokey pokey! But with adrenaline.  That old dog.

Also, I got a haircut this past Monday.  All was well, until she combed all my bangs down in front of my forehead and just gave them a snip! I was trying to calculate in my head, thinking, "Wait a second.  If I´m imagining right, that´s gonna be pretty uneven!" And indeed it was.  But it´s not too bad, you can´t really notice.  Perú is so unique! :)

I love the war chapters in the Book of Mormon! I just finished this week.  The verse in Alma 48 about Moroni is great by itself, but I was using that verse to learn so many other things! Just using Moroni as an example and looking at what he did as a leader and disciple of Christ.  For example: a Christlike leader prepares against a time of need; a Christlike leader strengthens weaknesses; a Christlike leader does all he can to help the people, but even then feels sorrow when they don´t obey; seeking positions of leadership and power for the wrong reasons is from the adversary!! Tons of true principles, I was loving it.  On to Helaman!

Well, that´s about it for this week.  Love ya tons and hope you have perfect weeks! Keep studying your scriptures!! (I thought that would be fun to put;))

Love, Tanner


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