Monday, August 29, 2016

Rookie Mistake

Dear family and friends,

We had two pretty big events this week! First, on Wednesday, we had a multizone training in Trujillo with Elder Hugo Montoya.  He talked from about 9:30 to 1:30 with (it seemed like) no theme at all in mind.  Haha he had four scriptures to share, D&C 107:36, one in Matthew 10, one in Mark 10, and one in Luke 10.  And everything else that came to his mind in that four hour period.  And he more than filled it! Tons of experiences, stories, scriptures, examples, and anything else you can think of.  It was pretty sweet!  I saw Elders Chapman and Anco as well, two former companions, which was fun.

Yesterday a member invited us over for dinner, which marked the first time in my mission eating dinner in a member´s home (besides my pension).  This family gave pension before, to the Hermanas, so it was all safe as far as sanitary things go haha;)  But we had hamburgers and they were very American like! It´s always nice to remember just a tiny bit what Amercan food tastes like.  

A little funny story connected with that: so here in PerĂº, it´s etiquette to greet everyone in the room when you walk in.  So every time we walk in a room (including the chapel on sunday!) we shake hands with everyone in the room.  And the same goes for right before we leave.  Well, as we were leaving last night, I missed the grandma.  And oh boy, she let me have it.  "This gringo missionary isn´t even going to bid me farewell??" Rookie mistake;)

The other big thing this week was the baptism of our two recent converts´ kids, Carlos and Matias.  They were baptized yesterday, three months after their parents, and now the whole family is on the gospel path together! The two kids are already talking about missions, and the mom is serving as the first counselor in the relief society.  She´s been a member for three months! So they´re a pretty strong family.  Here´s to hoping they can continue to learn, progress, and make it to the temple in a year!

Dang, that´s pretty much it for this week.  I suppose I´ll close with my testimony, though like Nephi, I feel like writing it isn´t the same as speaking it.  I know that the everlasting gospel has been restored.  Jesus Christ accomplished the atonement and plays the central role in His Father´s plan of happiness.  He is risen! He appeared to Joseph Smith.  The gospel and priesthood power to administer in it´s ordinances were restored through heavenly beings.  I know it, and that knowledge, which I had before my mission, has grown so much here! Here´s to another 15 months!;)

Love you all, have a great week.

Elder Hart

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