Monday, August 1, 2016

Lightning Email

Dear family and friends,

Hello! I hope you all had stupendous weeks! I´ll tell ya about mine:

The big event of the week was the pioneer trek.  It was so sweet and a really unique experience!  I bet the pioneers had no idea that 170 years later, there would be a little district in Virú, Perú commemorating them and doing a little reinactment.  I bet it would have given them a little extra motivation.  I´ll do my best to send pics, if not look on Sister Whitney´s blog,  I think.

In transfer news, nothing changes! I´m looking forward to another transfer here with Elder Ricse in Virú.  We´re working hard and have a few baptismal dates for August that are looking pretty solid.  The other two elders in our branch, Elders Collazos from Bolivia and Sanchez from Lima, are also staying.  We really feel like we can help the members and branch here, so we´re excited for six more weeks! 

We had a really interesting conversation with three sisters this past week.  They are three new investigatores, and one of them was really in a fighting mood.  She was asking all sorts of accusing questions about baptism and prophets and everything.  She was from a different church, and didn´t even want to pray at the end of the lesson because she felt it was mocking God to pray with people from other religions. We tried to be really nice and loving though, and I think we made an impact on the other two.  They asked us to come back the next day, and although we couldn´t, we have an appointment with them tomorrow, Tuesday.

We´re starting to see fruits in our efforts to use The Book of Mormon in our teaching.  People are getting it! Little by little, but they´re getting it! Another reason that I was pumped to be staying: I´m excited to see where we can get after six weeks of training and teaching Book of Mormon reading skills.

I´ve also been thinking lots about the gospel.  Many times as missionaries, we try to jump to repentance and baptism without first establishing a firm foundation of faith! I really believe that if we will be patient and do it right, helping people learn about God and Christ and the Holy Ghost, helping them read the scriptures and understand them and apply them, then the repentance and the baptism will follow naturally.  I´m excited to really focus on that and see where it gets us as missionaries.

Sorry for the boring email/lack of experiences this week! I wrote it in a record 7 minutes haha.  Looking forward to hearing from you all next week, hope you have a great day!

Love, Tanner

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