Monday, September 5, 2016

Peruvian Idol and BYU football

Dear family and friends,

I gotta start with the cougs.  I know I´m on a mission and I´m in Perú, but I just have to say I´m pleased with the performance (from what I´ve heard of course), and that Saturday night I was thinking ALL NIGHT LONG about the game.  I even dreamt about it.  Just shows me that I´ve got a long ways to go still, that even here in the middle of the Lord´s work I´m obsessed about a silly little game.  That being said...this week may be even tougher.  At Utah.  Will my prayers make it all the way from Perú? ;) I´ll send a few pics of gameday, after daily planning.  Here´s to college football.

On to the real work now.  It was a great week! We´re still working closely with Flor, who´s got her marriage date all set for this Thursday, and will be baptized the following Saturday.  Friday morning we were running all over the place, from city building to city building, finishing up with a few documents that we didn´t know we needed.  It´s kind of a fun experience that I didn´t expect to have before my mission, but that I´ve now done twice: organize the mission papers for a couple. It´s surprisingly easy, and kind of unsettling, how all of the papers can be done without the couple actually being there.  They just give us their ID (it´s called DNI here) and we do the rest.  But that´s exciting that after 2 years of investigating, she´s finally mustered up the faith to get married and baptized!

Elder Ricse and I nerded out hardcore this week and talked about how it would be if there were mission stats.  Examples: daily distance traveled, most productive hours, luckiest ties, indicators after meetings and trainings, correlation between time spent studying and progressing investigators.  It was quite the conversation.  Send me other ones, I want to hear your ideas haha.

Yesterday, I was asked to support the district and play piano at the district choir practice.  I was like, "Oh yeah, that´s fine, whatever." We show up, and there´s this singing teacher there! That´s a little weird...but no problem.  She was doing these exercises to warm up their lungs.  Well then, she starts doing these audition type things to see where everyone´s at.  One by one, with me at the piano playing the C scale and these poor, great intentioned, humble people who just wanted to sing in the district choir trying to follow along.  They don´t use A B C for the notes here, they just call them Do Rae Me.  It´s a good thing I´m a Sound of Music fan or I would´ve been completely lost;) It kinda felt like American Idol, when they had auditions.  And also in the Top 12 when they went and had one on one practices with the famous people.  Peruvian Idol.

I read in Preach My Gospel this week, something like, "the gospel of Jesus Christ will solve almost every problem we have." Any problem we can think of, the true answer is to have faith in Jesus Christ, place our lives more in line with his will through repentance, make and keep covenants, and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost.  To any problem!! Man, I know a little more how Alma felt in Alma 29 and the sons of Mosiah in Mosiah 28.  We have a solution to all the world´s problems!! It´s so sad sometimes, people don´t know what they´re rejecting! But, I´m just as grateful to know such a perfect gospel, centered on a perfect person.  Shall we not go on in so great a cause?!

Love everyone.  Hope your weeks are stupendous!

Elder Hart

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