Monday, September 12, 2016


Dear family and friends,

Dang.  I normally come into these emails kind of prepared with a few things I´m gonna say.  I´ll be honest though...this week I haven´t thought once about it.  So this will be straight from the hip.  Here goes.

The biggest thing of the week was Flor´s baptism! The marriage on Thursday was a success.  I had the thought, "2 years of waiting and doubting for that??"  Haha a little ceremony from the local judge, a few signatures, and that was that! Hopefully her husband will feel the Spirit touch his heart and listen to us more intently, so they can experience a temple marriage and sealing down the road.  I´m sure they´ll find it a lot more gratifying.  Then the baptism on Saturday! It was programed for 4:00, and due to a dance festival that her daughter was in that got delayed, she was baptized at about 6:30 haha.  It was worth it though.  That daughter got baptized right away after hearing the missionaries two years ago, and has been waiting for two years for her mom to take the same step.  We could wait 2 hours for her.:)

I read a really simple verse that for some reason impacted me this week,  It´s in 2 Nephi 26:30, "But the laborer in Zion shall labor for Zion." It´s so simple, but I love the principle! If you´re gonna labor IN Zion, you´ve gotta labor FOR Zion! If you labor for money, or recognition, or pride, or any other reason, it´s not the right reason!  Pretty applicable to missionaries.

Our laundry lady this week not only gave us our freshly washed clothes, but also a whole 9x13 pan of this pudding cake stuff.  But we were worried the ants would get to it, so we took my towel and made a little hammock and hung the desert from the ceiling overnight.  It worked perfectly. We had a pretty tasty weekly planning.  

We got transfer news last night! Or we should have, but they killed us and made us wait until this morning! We were on pins and needles all night waiting for the phone to right, until we get a text at 10:30: "Thank you for your patience, due to difficulties we´ll be informing you about transfers tomorrow." I slept very uneasily haha.  One of the assistants did call me last night to let me know that I will be a district leader this transfer which I´m excited and overwhelmed about.  But I didn´t know where.  Until this morning when they let me know that....Elder Ricse and I are staying together one more transfer! We were so pumped, we high fived and would have hugged but I was sweaty from running the stairs all morning haha.  We´re super excited for what this transfer holds though.  For example, we found a family of five yesterday that seem really solid.  Safe and sound in Virú until October 23 baby!

Love you tons! Thanks for all the emails and pictures! And for not mentioning the BYU game too much.  Things haven´t changed...



The hanging dessert

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