Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas to all!

Hola everyone!

Christmas week, holy cow!!! I always wonder what everyone is up to back home. It´s weird that you guys even have lives anymore, it feels like all of you guys died or went into a coma or something when I left haha!;) I´m glad you didn´t though haha. So Dad told me that I wouldn´t care about sports when I left. So far, that´s
not true. Saturday, I was nervous all day. I wore my BYU tie Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to support my boys. I kissed the logo a few times for extra support from Peru. I flew my BYU flag in my bedroom.
Sunday morning I was nervous. I know I would know the score in a few short hours. I approached Elder Sheffield in the branch presidency after leadership meeting with a sick feeling in my stomach. I slowly
asked him the score....35-0 in 8 miunutes Cougs??? I can just imagine it all in my head. But then he recounted the rest of the game, how we shut them down and came back and had a chance to tie it with the ball
and punted! Probably the right decision, but it just killed me. I was sick about it all day Sunday. The fact that the Utes beat Duke at MSG just made it worse. But I´m over it now haha!! Kilane Sitake will be
a sweet coach, I´m excited for that. Dang, there´s almost nothing about my life to talk about here. It´s all what´s going on back home!  I only have five more days here at the MTC! It´s crazy how fast it´s
gone, and it´s crazy how slow it´s gone. I´m pretty scared to go out in the field, but that´s what a mission is all about! The MTC is really comfortable. They serve you meals, your schedule is exactly planned out, I room with three other Americans who are really funny, our investigators aren´t real so there´s no pressure, it´s all role
playing and fake...but a mission isn´t about being comfortable! I can´t wait to start making some relationships in Trujillo! It will be really hard to leave our teachers and my district, we´ve gotten pretty close these six weeks! Not as hard as leaving home for sure (I´m not gonna cry, I guaruntee it;)), but still definitely hard! My Spanish is getting better and better which is encouraging to see! There´s still miles and miles to go though obviously. One of the supervisors here had me help him last night with translating Spanish to English. They had all the missionaries here write down a question for an apostle about missionary work, for the Provo MTC devotional. He needed all the questions in English, so he asked me to help him translate the Latinos´ questions into questions that made sense in English. It actually wasn´t too bad! So that was good to kind of build my confidence with language skills a little bit! This is crazy though! My last P-day in the MTC! I feel like I´ve been here for forever! I probably won´t write again until almost 2 weeks, on Monday! IN THE FIELD BABY!!

Love you all!

Elder Hart

My flag!

This looked so Christmasy at the Lima Temple today

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