Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It´s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...actually not at all

Family and friends!! 

This has been an uneventful and crazy week
combined somehow. The Christmas spirit is here in Lima and it feels
like the middle of summer! We streamed the First Presidency Christmas
devotional on Sunday night which was sweet. Then we had a CCM
Christmas devotional that Monday. One of the 70 came, but I don´t
remember his name!! He spoke Spanish and is in the presidency of the
group over the northwest part of South America. It was so good! It
was kind of crazy actually, he spoke mainly to the Latinos about
learning English, telling them that they need to learn English and
read the scriptures in English because even though the Spanish ones
are great, it´s still one more translation. He shared the example of
D&C 8:2-3, and even though it´s almost exactly the same, Spanish says
“talk” and English says “tell” and that makes kind of a big
difference. I´d never thought about that before! I was in the CCM
choir and it was fun, we sang silent night and it was really good
until the new latinos wanted to join and then it dropped a level or
two. The latinos are mostly tone deaf;) It was still fun though.
Then they had a big turning on the lights ceremony and had a big
dinner outside in the CCM courtyard area. It was funny, it was like
75% dessert and 25% real food, but they called it dinner anyway! Lunch
is the most important meal here so that probably had something to do
with it. There were a bunch of mission presidents and their families
here from surrounding missions and that was fun to see. P-Days are so
great! We get to go to the Lima Temple every week and shop at some
stores and email and laundry and then just do nothing for three hours.
They are literally the only three hours of the week that aren´t
scheduled for us to be doing something. It kind of just feels like
one long day, like get in bed for five minutes, then get back up and
dressed and go down to breakfast again. But I love it here! It´s kind
of weird actually, I like it way more than I thought I would. Maybe
the field will be different, it probably will be actually, but for now
I´m just going to enjoy this! Man there´s actually not a ton to write
about. The language is coming to me! I listened to the temple session
and ccm devotional both in Spanish and understood a lot of it!
Conversation with people is so much harder though, they slur their
words a lot more and speak faster. But I know it will all come to me!
I miss Christmas music so much. That´s one dumb rule they have here,
no music at all. I want to listen to the tabernacle choir, the first
noel, so bad!! Maybe once I get out into the field, even though it
will be January by then haha. I honestly don´t have much else to say
except for thank you all for your prayers! I can feel them helping me
and know that this wouldn´t be easy or possible if not for Heavenly
Father and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I love you all and hope that
all is going well back home! 


Elder Hart

And come on seniors! Only 13,000 dollars raised up to this point?! WEAK!! ;)

Nativity at the Lima Temple
My new scripture cases
My district with our new soccer jerseys

Our Christmas setup.  Elder Lish's mom sent him with a tree!  That Christus at the top is also his.  It's pretty sweet.

 Our Christmas setup. Elder Lish´s mom sent him with a tree!! That
Christus at the top is also his, it´s pretty sweet.

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