Wednesday, December 2, 2015

El Dia de Accion de Gracias! Thanksgiving...‏

Hola family and friends!!! 

This week has been great, my first real
full week as a missionary! Kind of haha…but really it’s been sweet! I
am seeing miracles every single day with trying to learn this stupid
language! I realized a few days ago that if Heavenly Father wanted me
to be fluent tomorrow, I am living worthily and righteously enough
that I’m making myself available for that blessing if it was part of
his will. Obviously it’s not, but I take comfort in the fact that
because I know I am worthy and righteous and asking, if it is his will
he will bless me! And I have definitely seen those blessings, slowly
but surely.
So Thanksgiving in the MTC is…..pretty unspectacular haha. That was
the day we had “migraciones” so we were gone from about 12:30-5:30.
We watched most of the Elder Oaks Thanksgiving Devotional being
streamed from the MTC, but we had to leave just as Elder Oaks started
to speak. It was a bummer! Haha it was funny though, he dropped one
line that had all the missionaries ooing and ahing. He read some long
quote by George Washington about loving your country enough to make
right decisions and ask God to bless it because he´s the one who gave
it to you. Then he said “I wish our current…..national
leaders…..would think the same way.” Hahaha it was pretty funny. But
yeah we were bummed that we missed his talk! And then we missed the
Turkey Bowl that all the American Elders and Hermanas had too because
we were still gone. So that was dumb too! It’s all good though, you
don’t need turkey and football to be thankful for stuff I guess. I
wasn’t hardly homesick at all which was good! But I still missed
everyone a ton. There’s a difference, I’ve learned that.
Sorry this email is so crazy and helter skelter. I take notes every
night about stuff I want to tell you guys about when I write in my
journal, so everything kinda jumps around. We’ve started playing
Ultimate Football every day for physical activity. That is my
favorite part of the day by far! It’s so fun, just good old ultimate
Frisbee with a football to run around and forget about Spanish for an
We watched 17 Miracles and Ephraim’s Rescue these past two Sunday’s.
Every Sunday is a video of an apostle devotional from a few months ago
and then a church movie. Those movies are so good! And I saw David
Maynard in the Provo MTC choir from a Jeffrey R. Holland devotional in
May, so that was fun.
So let me tell you all about Hermano Gavancho, one of my teachers.
Man that guy is so cool. I just love him to death. He wears the
exact same outfit every day because I think it’s all he has. He has a
wife and she’s pregnant so he’s about to be a dad. He is so fun and
humble and loving, I love having class with him as our teacher! He
told us a few nights ago that we’re the best district he’s had since
he started working here 9 months ago and that we have a chance to be
the best district ever in the CCM. But we have to work harder! We
have to speak more Spanish! He’s so cool, haha a few of the Hermanas
were crying when he was giving us that pep-talkish thing and I was
ready to go run through a wall or something, I was so pumped. So
needless to say we decided amongst ourselves to have an English fast
the next day. English fasts are the worst, you can probably guess
what they are. No English. All day. But we wanted to show him and
Heavenly Father that we are willing to give all we have to learn this
All the 6 week North Americans and Latin Americans left this past
week, and we got new ones today. We’ll have to see if we have
anything in common with any of them! There are only three new elders
and one new Hermana, so no one knows how that’s going to work with her
Our district is randomly kind of good at singing. We have one sister,
Hermana Rushton, who can sing Alto, and I can sing Tenor on a lot of
songs, and the others all have decent voices, so it sounds good when
we all are clicking. We sang “Cantan Santos Angeles” (Angels we have
Heard on High) in sacrament meeting last week for a musical number and
got quite a few compliments on it so that was cool!
So there are so many birds chirping here. It’s really cool actually,
it sounds like a Disney movie soundtrack or something. It doesn’t
even sound really, all the chirps are so loud and perfect. So that’s
random and neat haha.
I’ll close with a quote from my beloved companion, Elder Chapman.
It’s not really him, but he’s the one who read it to me. Something
like “Don’t give up what you want most for what you want in the
moment.” Don’t do it!!!!! Great advice, especially for missionaries.
Really for anyone I guess.
Also, they put up all the Christmas lights here and turned them on
last night for the first time. It’s not temple square, but it’s not
bad!! Christmas could be harder than thanksgiving, just because
Thanksgiving isn’t even a real holiday here and they go all out for
Christmas. But on the other hand, I haven’t felt homesick yet so why
start now right?? I love you all so much! I don’t even know who’s
reading this, but if you are, I love you lots and lots and lots.


Tanner Hart
My living quarters. This is my closet, the other one is my bed. 

The view as you walk into my room!  Plus Elder Lish being a weirdy....
My district outside of the Lima Temple!

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