Monday, December 28, 2015

Letter from Elder Hansen

Your son is incredible!  I think you know that, but allow me to stand as yet another witness that this young man is really something special.  As a special assignment, I serve in Elder Hart’s branch presidency at the MTC-Lima and have come to know him quite well.  I interviewed him the evening of the first day of his arrival.  I knew then that he should be assigned as the district leader and that he would later serve as zone leader.  He has never disappointed us.  He plays the piano, he sings, he stands and testifies; he leads by example.  Yesterday he was called upon to speak in sacrament meeting.  Every time he stands up he says something like, “Please forgive my poor Spanish.”  His Spanish is near-native ability!  He is very, very good.  In priesthood meeting the zone leaders stand and share something of their choice from the “Missionary Handbook.”  He said, “Elders, please forgive me.  I am going to be a little bold.”  Then, he gently and very appropriately taught them from the handbook about language, how they all need to work on being not just crude, but also less rude.  It was so perfect. 
My wife and I were with the missionaries in the CCM most of Christmas Day.  I watched Elder Hart talking with you and thought you might like the photo.  He is not in his suit because it was at the dry cleaners, certainly a “forgivable sin,” considering that tomorrow he leaves for Trujillo and needs to look his best when he meets his mission president.  We will miss him here and I will never forget him. 
May the Lord bless you and keep you and Elder Hart. 
Un abrazo,
Elder Hansen
Tanner talking to us on Christmas Day

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