Monday, May 29, 2017

Peru vs. Chile

Dear family and friends,

Leading the area! It's been a fun challenge. We only really got lost one time, which is better than I was hoping, but we've walked a ton! I've always wondered what our total number of steps would be if we were to wear one of those step-counter things.  I swear we walk like 8 miles a day.  

Elder Alarcon, my first Chilean companion! He's pretty cool, definitely my quietest companion I've had! He's a hard worker though and super duper humble.  As I was getting ready for church on Sunday I noticed that he had shined both my pairs of shoes for me! It'll be fun to work with him for a while, most likely until August at least! And then he finishes in September. People here give him a hard time for being Chilean, though.  There's an old Peru-Chile rivalry based on land I think...haha funny.

One of the worst feelings as a missionary is working hard all week to get people to church and having no one there! That happened yesterday and I felt like a complete failure of a missionary haha! To add insult to injury (never knew what in the world that phrase is supposed to mean but I'm pretty sure it fits here), the other two companionships in our ward didn't have anyone either! The bishop, who teaches gospel principles, came in the classroom, saw us six missionaries with our ward mission leader, and said, "Well, let's just go to Sunday School.  There's no point in being here."  Ouch!! I'm so motivated to just get out and run around sharing the gospel with people this week.  If only it were that easy! 

In moments like that I'm inspired by Elder Neal A. Maxwell, who said: "What can we do to manage these vexing feelings of inadequacy?....We can know that when we have truly given what we have, it is like paying a full tithe; it is, in that respect, all that was asked. The widow who cast in her two mites was neither self-conscious nor searching for mortal approval."  It's hard to not SEE success! I love the principle though, that when we give all that is asked, it's always enough!

Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Hart

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