Monday, February 13, 2017

Beat the Heat

Dear family and friends,

We closed the week with a bang yesterday! So, our church is at 2:00 which is a really strange schedule.  Before church we went to Mitzuka´s house.  She´s our investigator that´s getting baptized this week.  She´s been investigating a while and is familiar with all the commandments, so we just went up to quickly review the baptismal interview questions.  The interview was set for 5:00,  right after church.  As her interview was happening, I did an interchange with a 25 year old Argentinian who taught martial arts before the mission and is pretty intimidating.  That was fun;)  So I got back to the chapel and learned that Mitzuka is having an interview with President Rios on Thursday! It was pretty unexpected, but we´ll see how it goes! Her baptism, which was scheduled for Wednesday, will be postponed to Friday.  If she passes the interview of course!  

We had a multizone conference on Thursday, where I was able to see some past companions and be nourished spiritually.  It was on "How to Teach Repentance" and focused lots on commitments we extend and follow up we do.  Then we have interviews this Thursday as well.  With the multizone, we had 3 other elders from the office come and stay with us.  It was like a little party! We didn´t really do anything but talk, but hey, it´s different than the same-old same-old right?

What else might you be interested to know?...
--It´s still really hot here.  We really wanted it to be hot when President and Sister Rios were here this past week so they would experience it and buy us fridges or something.  As luck would have it, that day was as calm as can be, a nice breeze, completely fine! Then this week we´re back to feeling the heat and humidity.
--I don´t remember if I said this, but hats and sunglasses were authorized because of the heat! We bought hats awhile back and feel like a cross between the pioneers and Indiana Jones.
--It´s hard to help people who have felt the Holy Ghost act on it! We have multiple investigators who have felt the Holy Ghost and even recognized it! However, when we extend the invitation to act, they´re still hesitant.  I suppose we´re all like that to a degree, though, now that I think about it...

Again, sorry for the lack of quality in the past few emails! All the days and weeks just blend together and I have no idea what´s new and what´s not.  Love you lots though and have a great week!

Love, Elder Hart

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