Monday, February 20, 2017

The fastest email of my life

Dear family and friends,

I have 4 minutes left.  I don´t know what has happened to the time, but it has flown today!

I am well. My health is well. I am a missionary.  Those are the most important things you could know in these four minutes. ;)

Mitzuka was baptized on Friday! She passed her interview with President Rios on Thursday and came out super emotional and happy.  We asked her when she wanted us to schedule her baptism and she said, "Tomorrow."  So we scrambled and got everything together and let people know and did it the next day! I felt so so good as she bore her testimony and expressed her desires to go to the temple and be sealed, and later raise her children and family in the gospel.  She said, "My life will never be the same." I just felt like THAT is the purpose of missionary work! It made me really excited to continue working!

Also, a member from the temple presidency spoke at stake conference yesterday and said, "The temple is like the college of life.  It requires lots of preparation, but as we go and receive a higher education, we´ll be prepared to receive greater blessings." I kinda liked the simplicity of the analogy!

Love you all tons! Have a great week! Thanks for the sports updates as well:)

Love, Elder Hart

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