Monday, February 27, 2017

Lessons from Ether

Dear family and friends,

Missionary work is a lot like fishing.  It´s no wonder Christ calls his disciples "fishers of men."  Cast after cast.  Person after person. Being patient in times of apparent "drought".  Getting really excited at a possible bite, but knowing when and how to "set the hook".  You can´t do it too early and lose them, but you can´t do it too late when they´re already done.  It´s a fun analogy I´ve been thinking about this week haha.

We´re teaching a man named Jorge, a referral from a member here in the ward.  We didn´t know this when she gave us the referral, but it seems that they´re wanting to become a couple.  Needless to say, the teaching enviornment is kinda awkward.  For example, we invited him to read the Book of Mormon and ask Heavenly Father if it´s His word.  He says, "I´ll definitely do that, and I´ll also ask Doris here to cut my hair this weekend!!"  Yeah, that was a real line from our lesson this week.  Awkward.  

We also had a fun conversation with a lady this week who worships the virgin mary.  She asked us if we also did, and we explained that while we have great respect and love for her, we don´t choose to worship her.  She gave us her point of view that "she is a chosen woman! Think about it: she comes all the way from Adam and Eve!! She has diving blood! She HAS to be worshipped!!"  We had big grins on our faces as we listened to that logic.   She does have a point though: everyone descended from Adam and Eve have divine blood!

For some reason, I just made the connection this week about how much time the Book of Ether really covers.  All the way from Abraham to like Jeramiah! That´s a ton of history in a tiny little book!! Never really realized it before.

I loved a phrase I read this week in Ether, when describing the Jaredites. "when they had done all these things they got aboard of their vessels or barges, and set forth into the sea, commending themselves unto the Lord their God." I just really like the image of a people completely trusting Heavenly Father and commending themselves unto the Lord their God.  Not knowing at all what would happen, but having faith and trusting in His perfect plan.  How many faithful children of Heavenly Father commend themselves unto Him every day in their own situations?? I hope we can all have the faith and trust to do so!

Love you all, have a super good week!!

Elder Hart

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