Monday, January 16, 2017

Apostasy and Revelation

Dear family and friends,

Things are beginning to develop in Bellamar! It´s so interesting how missionary work is: sometimes, it feels so lifeless and impossible to get any momentum going, and sometimes the hand of the Lord is so obvious and things just roll smoothly.  I guess that´s not just missionary work; it´s life in general haha.  But we were on one of the "ups" this week! We´re finding really solid people who are going to church and reading the Book of Mormon, and they can feel of the truthfulness of our message.  More info coming, but here´s to hoping that we can help them continue to progress to baptism and full activity in the church! 

One thing that´s kinda....frustrating? Funny? I can´t find the word.  But it´s that we find straight girls between 19-23 years of age! We´re definitely not favoring them in any type of our finding activities, they just show up out of nowhere! I mean, it´s fine and we´re happy to teach all people searching for truth, but might there be a potential elder in this city?? Or a young family? Haha the joke is that we´re finding all these young adult women because we have multiple single returned missionaries who have yet to be married.   So maybe even though we aren´t finding families yet, we can help create future ones! 

I was studying in the Bible Dictionary this week, a super neat resource that we maybe don´t use enough.  I was just kind of flipping through and came to the part about the Revelation of John.  As I was reading, I came across a pretty cool phrase: "Apostasy and Restoration are relatively gradual events. Compare the setting and the rising of the sun. It does not become dark or light all at once."  It´s such an interesting concept to me!  A few investigators this week have asked, after learning of the apostasy, "And we´re still in the apostasy, right?"  For those who haven´t yet heard of the message of the restoration, the apostasy continues! Like the sun rising and light gradually spreading until everything is visible.  Little by little, we drive the darkness of apostasy away!  I like that imagery.

Quick transfer news: I´m staying.  My companion, Elder Fernandez, is headed off to Virú, in my old area!  He´s gonna enjoy it.  I´ll be here with Elder McMillan from Murray, Utah.  I know him a little bit and am super excited to get to work and see things happen in the zone and in our area.  The only problem? He´s a pretty big University of Utah fan....

Love you lots, talk to you next week!!

Elder Hart

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