Monday, January 30, 2017

5.6 Baby!

Dear family and friends,

What a crazy week!!! Crazy, crazy, insane, crazy.  I´ll start off by sharing the scariest experience of my life.  Or one of them at least.  So we were just sleeping on Friday night/Saturday morning, calm as can be, when all of the sudden we were woken by our room shaking.  Our room was literally shaking!! I can´t even explain how scary it was.  There´s this plastic/glass door to our bathroom and that thing was rattling out of control.  It lasted like 15 very long seconds.  Then Elder McMillan and I just sat there shocked.  I was so frightened, you feel so helpless in that type of situation! So we were awake for like 20 minutes calling our district leaders to make sure everyone was fine, which they were.  We found out the next morning that it was a 5.6 earthquake off the coast of Chimbote.  I mean, 5.6 isn´t huge, but it´s the biggest one I´ve ever been in! It was kind of good though; we´re now very prepared and know exactly what to do if a bigger one ever strikes at night.  

Then, the next day, I did a dumb thing.  Obviously we don´t have our own car here, so it´s either walk or public transportation.   We take lots of taxis.  As I was getting out of a taxi on Saturday, I did a quick check to make sure I had my cell phone, and thought I felt it in my pocket.  Well, as you can probably figure out, we got back to the house and I realized it was in fact not in my pocket.  We called it from Elder McMillan´s phone....nothing.  I left it in the darn taxi! I couldn´t believe it, it was such a silly thing to do! Then I had to call President Rios and tell him I lost the phone, which was almost as scary as the earthquake;)  But all is well, I got that over with.  Now we just have to deal with only having one phone which is frustrating, but all is well.  I remembered reading a story from Jaxon when he dropped his phone in water on his mission.  Now I know how you felt Jax!

Of course the worldwide broadcast was incredible.  Elders Oaks, Bednar, and Anderson teaching truth after truth after truth.  It was impossible to catch it all in two hours.  I left feeling so inspired and excited! And daily planning in the morning is lovely. 

Hmm...what else, what else? Here´s a few quick hitters I guess:
--We´re working with a girl named Mitzuka, she´ll be baptized on February 15. She´s been investigating for like 2 years and is the girlfriend of a returned missionary, but her whole family are Jehova´s Witnesses.  She´s always wanted to be baptized for her and not for her boyfriend, and finally feels that her testimony is sufficient to take that step.
--It´s still unbelievably hot here.  So hot, in fact, that it´s now approved to wear hats and sunglasses when we proselyte! Before that was only for missionaries with medical problems, but now it´s for everyone.  So later today we´re going hat shopping!
--We weighed ourselves today.  I´ve gained 8 pounds since the MTC.  Acceptable.
--We´ve been talking a little more Spanish, Elder McMillan and I.  He felt like he was forgetting some Spanish words so we decided it would probably be good to at least not get too rusty.  Our conversations are kinda funny as we switch from English to Spanish to English with no rhyme or reason, whatsoever. 

That´s about it for this week! I love you all tons and hope you have great weeks! Stay safe! 

Love, Tanner

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