Monday, April 4, 2016


Whoa, first week in a new area!  It´s always crazy getting to know a new companion, new people, new streets, new houses, new district, new zone, new everything really! A few of the most important standouts of my new area:

It´s pretty poor.  There´s like a city center place, but the outskirts are all dirt roads and little huts.  It´s pretty sad to see some of the living conditions!

My new pensionista cooks unbelievably delicious peruvian food.  It´s so fattening though! I´m scared to death of getting fat.  TERRIFIED! So me and my companion have started to run every morning on top of our pushups and such.  I feel a little better haha. 

My companion is Elder Anco from Lima.  He´s super funny, and I´m way excited to be able to work with him for at least this next transfer! His trainer was my zone leader so that´s also a cool little connection we have.

We live on the third floor of this apartment type thing.  Right below us live a Senior Missionary couple named Elder and Sister Whitney who are super nice! It´s been cool to talk to them a little bit and form a bit of a relationship.

Elections in Peru are April 10, and the country is going crazy.  There are no church meetings that day, and I don´t know if we´ll proselyte either.  It´s super heated and almost all anybody ever talks about right now!

Conference was sweet, as usual.  We watched it in English which was a huge relief! And another temple in Lima!!  We freaked out in our little room and heard the dull roar in the chapel across the building haha.  My favorite talk of the conference was Elder Renlund.  I´m gonna love him as an apostle, something about his style just gets me goin´! His talk was so good.  But then Elder Bednar spoke and pretty much tied him.  As a missionary, we invite to baptism and to church all the time! A reminder on why that´s so important was awesome, and it was cool to listen to his talk from a missionary perspective.  Then of course there´s, Elder Holland, Oaks, Christofferson, Stevenson, Anderson, President was so good haha.

Also, a story.  Like I said, we ran as a companionship saturday morning, and I was super thirsty after the Saturday morning session.  We went to a little store and I asked for a cold water.  The lady said "I don´t have water, just ...." And that´s where my lack of spanish came into play.  I was like, "Well as long as it´s wet it´s fine."  She came back with this energy drink called Volt.  I should have just declined then and there, but I just took it cause I was thirsty.  My first ever energy drink, and it will also be my last.  It was horrible haha! I had a headache, I was hot, I was tired, my heart was pumping! Never drink energy drinks and try to watch conference! Haha lesson learned...

Well, that´s all my thoughts for this week!  Hope everybody enjoyed general conference and can, like Elder Holland, make tomorrow the day that we improve and put the things we learned in practice!  Love you all tons and tons!

Elder Hart
The Ocean

Plaza de Armas Chimbote

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