Monday, April 18, 2016

Ciruelas and Chinese People

Hola amigos!  Time again to give the weekly update on life in Virú!  The week was yet another good one.  Let´s talk about it:

For one, I had my first dream in spanish this past week.  Then numbers 2 and 3 in the following days.  I don´t remember what they were about, just that I was home with my family and friends and everyone was speaking Spanish! It was a wild feeling...
There are these fruits in Virú called Ciruelas.  They grow on trees and look like cherry tomatoes, and kind of taste like them too but way sweeter! They´re so good! There´s gonna be a big festival this coming week all centered around them, kinda like Bear Lake and raspberries I think.  Jam, yogurt, cake, pudding, everything. And music and dancing and all sorts of stuff.  So that will be interesting.
One interesting thing about Peru is that 98% of the people are Peruvian.  The other 2% are Chinese or Japanese.  Asian. (Numbers not exact. According to my own estimations;))  But there´s a lot of that culture here! Like Chinese restaurants and stuff.  The person who won 39% of the vote last week in the elections is Asian, in fact! 
Me and my companion have been working super hard on his English this transfer.  He´s improved a little which has been sweet.  English would be so hard to learn! "Do you have the keys?" is "Dyav the keys?" Pay attention to our language and you´ll realize how hard it is to learn and pronounce and speak for a non native speaker! I´m super grateful I went from English to Spanish and not the other way around haha.
We´ve got three marriages on date for May 7, then one family to be baptized on the 7 and the other two wives in the two other marriages on the 14.  No one gets married here, everyone just lives together! So for Mother´s Day, they have a big marriage that´s gonna be super easy for people to get married without hard to find documents.  We´re super pumped for that.  Satan starts attacking super hard at this point though, so pray that they´ll be able to be firm in their desicions!
Love you all tons, have a great week this week!! 

Elder Hart
This kid entered the CCM the same day as us and left after two weeks, he´s in the north mission right now.  We saw him last PDay in Trujillo.

My personalized desk!

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