Monday, January 4, 2016

What a week in Chimbote!

Hello friends and family!! 

Wow this has been such a crazy week. I´m going to be perfectly´s been by far the hardest week of my life! Haha I´m pretty much on the brink of tears all day!  Not all day, but sometimes.  My companion is Elder Guerrero from here in Peru, he speaks a tiny bit of English but not very much.  I was so excited to come on my mission and make relationships with people, and that aspect is going to have to wait because I can´t make relationships with people I can´t understand haha! It´s good though, I can understand Elder Guerrero more than others.  Most of the investigators, haha pretty much nothing.  Just depends on the person.  There are lots of old people here that just mumble and talk with really thick lisps, it doesn´t even sound like they´re saying words! Elder Guerrero is a good missionary though. He´s only been out three months but he´s a good teacher and he´s really persistent.  It´s embarrassing when someone says something and look at me expectantly and I realize they just asked me a question and I had no idea what they said.  But just having a sense of humor is key and realizing that I have two years to learn this, not five days! I´m learning now more than ever what it means to be humble.  I thought I knew before, but not even close! I think it´s giving up every thought, every pride, every moment, everything to the Lord, so you can take His name, His priesthood, His work, and His gospel! The more complete the exchange, the better!  Haha I´m learning to give up every last bit of my pride here in Chimbote, my first area.  Also, the power of testimony (Alma 4, last verse) and the story of Enoch! Moses 6, verses 31 and 32, and Moses 7 13.  I´ve thought a lot in those scriptures this week!  It´s crazy here, so different! There are dogs that are just chilling on the roofs, barking to their hearts content. I have no idea how they got there! My first door I ever knocked on, a guy came to the door who was drunker than drunk.  I´m an 18 year old kid from an ultraconservative family. I´ve never even seen a drunk person in a movie.  It was so wild! I wanted to cry and laugh and run away all at the same time.  Also, in one lesson we taught this week, the lady we were teaching just started breast feeding her two year old daughter right in the middle of the lesson! The family and Elder Guerrero seemed fine with it though, so I just went with it.  Haha it was crazy though! Thank you for all of your love and support! I need your prayers, but more importantly the people here need them! 

Love you all! 

Elder Hart

Our room

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