Monday, January 18, 2016

Hola from Chimbote

Hello family and friends! 

I´m just gonna get right into it, sorry if it´s all over the place! For one, I taught someone who had lots of questions about gays and the church this week.  That´s a hard topic in English, let alone Spanish! It was interesting for sure.  That same guy also laughed at my testimony haha.  It really hurt my feelings at first!! But then I remembered the verses in 3 Nephi 12:10-12 and I got pumped that he laughed at it.  I was in the exact same position as Christ himself!! So that was actually kind of a cool experience.  Two other people have laughed at me during lessons, but that´s just for my Spanish, so we´re all good there haha.  We had a mini-lesson with this lady that´s on the way to our pensionista.  She´s a member, but she´s like 90 years old and never comes to church cause she´s pretty much immobile.  We were teaching her and her Catholic son.  I´m pretty sure she can´t even hear or understand or anything.  So I was just sitting next to her while Elder Guerrero talked, and every once and a while we would make eye contact and I would just smile at her.  Then, she started holding my hand! Like interlocking fingers and everything! I was honestly wondering if it was against mission rules! Haha I just let her do it though.  She was like rubbing my arm and back and everything! It was really awkward, but just a cute old Peruvian lady doing her thing! One of the biggest victories this week, I learned how to have warm showers! It was a hidden switch! Dang, I´ve got to go already, but for the spiritual thought of the week, read Judges Chapter 7! I have thought of the story of Gideon so much on my mission and how it relates to me and my vocabulary specifically haha.  This mission isn´t about me, it´s about the Lord and his work! 

Love you all and have a great week!!

Elder Hart

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