Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 2!

Hey everyone, 

It´s been another insane week! Where to even start...I´ll just describe what it´s like here in Chimbote. It smells like fish all the time, they have American names with Spanish accents so it´s super weird (for example, Jeyson, Steyci, Randy, all in Spanish accents), we eat every meal at a recent convert´s house and it´s so good! I love the meals here, they´re by far my favorite part of the day. It takes people longer to say Hart than it takes them to say Elder.  Elder Haaaart.  And they sound like they´re gagging when they say the H hahaha.  The mormon effect is real here just like in the states! You can tell when someone is LDS.  Also, I shut down the toilet system!! No one told me you couldn´t flush toilet paper here hahaha! They had to have a crew come to our apartment thing and fix it, I was super embarrassed!! Haha never again though! It's kind of frustrating cause I feel like people don´t take me seriously because of my Spanish.  It´s the same in the US though, like when there´s a Latino that doesn´t speak great English I feel like we automatically assume that they don´t know what they´re talking about.  But I know the Holy Ghost will testify of my words when I bear pure testimony! I´m a pro at waving off taxis...little hand shake, little not, pucker the lips a tiny bit and you´ve got it! Dang, I´ve got to go, I didn´t have a ton of time this week.  But this is the Lord´s work!! I know that if I give 150 percent the Lord will bless whatever meager 5 loaves and 2 fishes I give him! 

Love you all!

Elder Hart

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