Monday, October 3, 2016


Dear family and friends,

To be honest, not a lot happened this week.  Hardly anything actually.  I always hated it when missionaries said that so sorry! Haha I´ll do my best...

Also, fun fact: the song that the choir sang to close the Saturday Morning session is the same song the district choir is singing here! It´s such a sweet song! Now if only I could download the dang thing from, it´s not working...

We had interviews with Presdent Rios this week.  Solid as usual, nothing much to report there.

Being a district leader is proving to be fun.  I have one other companionship in my district, and they just can´t seem to get along.  We´ll have to see what we can do this week to try to improve things there.  It seems to be the traditional situation, with one solid, obedient elder who´s got a red and white personality, with another elder who doesn´t seem to care to much about anything.  Haha looks like an interchange this Friday!

The conference was so good, as always.  I was literally awaiting it as if it were Christmas this year.  I have no idea why, but I was so excited!! Like counting down the days excited! And of course it didn´t disappoint.  For one, two days of physical rest, not to mention spiritual renovation, are always welcome.  I could go on and on about talks and quotes and all of that, but I´ll let all of you take from it what you will;)  For me, it was and always is an impressive evidence of the restoration of the gospel  through the prophet Joseph Smith.  A church, based on a book, and restored by a 14 year old boy, having a worldwide conference broadcast in all sorts of languages and to all kinds of countries! Covenant makers from all over the world, gathered to hear the words of living prophets and apostles! It just has this spirit of the restorarion that I love, every time it comes around.  Now I´m going throught the post-Christmas depression, the "6 more months??" feeling.  I´m pumped to go back over the talks though and really go in depth!

Sorry for the lack of material this week haha.  Love you all tons and will talk to you next week! 

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