Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekly Planning With President!

Dear family and friends,

Lots on the lineup today! For one, we went to a place called "La huaca del sol y la luna" last week for PDay.  It's the remnants of two old temples and a bunch of artifacts from the "Moche" civilization, which existed from 100-800 AD.  It was pretty neat walking through the temples and seeing a bunch of old artifacts.  Pretty interesting that even though they were completely apart from everything else in the world, they believed in going to temples to worship, the importance of sacrifice, dedicating their lives to please deity, etc.  The light of Christ is in everyone! 

We had a fun thing happen this Thursday! As we sat down to begin our weekly planning, we got a call from President Rios: "Elders, I'm here outside your room! I want to weekly plan with you!"  I'm not going to lie, I was pretty nervous when I heard that! But he came in and we got started and everything went back to normal.  He watched as we planned and made the occasional comment, then bit by bit started to take over a little more.  It was a pretty deep planning session--we did less than half we normally do in the designated three hours--but it was a fun opportunity to at least talk to President a little more and spend a morning with him! 

Okay, one thing about Peruvian culture that drives me nuts: they lie all the time!! The mom will send their little 4 year old son to the door to say, "No, no one's home!" when it's completely obvious that no sane family would ever leave a four year old kid at home alone! Haha, or sometimes we'll be knocking on a door and a random person will be walking down the street and say, "No one's home there!", or, "No one even lives there anymore!".  It's always funny when they say that and then someone opens the door that very moment.  We were knocking one house this week, but the family was outside playing at a little nearby park.  The little girl said to her mom, "Mom, someone's knocking on our door!".  The mom came and said, "No one's home there!".  We asked if she lived there and she paused for about three seconds before saying, "Nope!".  "Where do you live then?"-- four more seconds -- "Oh, around here.".  It was obvious that she wasn't interested, but "wo unto the liar..." ;)

The miracle of the week is Carlos.  We found him looking for a former investigator, of who he is the dad.  We asked for her, but he said that she had gone to Lima! He let us in, and started to cry as he told us how he had hit his wife last week and they all picked up and went to Lima.  He was really repentant and expressed lots of desires to change and get his family back.  Ironically, he and his wife were married almost seven years ago in an LDS chapel! We committed to doing all we could to help him, and he was really receptive to everything we invited him to do.  Looking forward to working more with him!

Well, that's all for this week! Love you lots, have a wonderful week!

Elder Hart

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