Monday, July 18, 2016

Trying to Find Dory

Dear family and friends,

Another week has come and gone.  Time flys so fast! It was a pretty sweet week though.  We started last P-Day by eating something called "pollo a la brasa" as a zone.  It´s just rotissere chicken with french fries and condiments, so nothing really special.  BUT! These fries were the closest replica to american french fries that I´ve had here in Perú. Thin, crunchy, hot; boy oh boy they were tasty.

After that we watched Finding Dory, or Buscando a Dori as it´s called here.  We bought the movie, plus 4 other movies on the same disc, for 2.5 soles (the money here).  That´s equal to LESS THAN A DOLLAR! The illegality and pirating of things here is so funny.  We put the disc in.  It´s a guy, sitting in a movie theater, with his camera, filming a showing of Finding Dory!  Haha he´s like adjusting the camera to get it level and you can see the silhouettes of people´s heads on the bottom of the screen.  Oh man it was so funny.  On the bright side, it´s probably the closest I´ll come to being in a movie theater on my mission.  I didn´t really want to ruin the surprise and watch it for my first time in Spanish.  With the combination of sound quality of the movie and acoustics of the church and my still unperfect Spanish, I don´t understand all the talking in movies.  So I slept instead.  I woke up and caught the last 10 minutes and found out the ending, but oh well.  I look forward to seeing it in English haha.

The district here is going to have a pioneer trek activity here on July 28th and 29th, and our zone has received permission to go! I´m super excited, we´re gonna go and talk to people along the sides wondering what´s going on.  They also want us to share messages and pioneer stories with the youth, so we´re all pumped for that.  They´re working on the handcarts now, which also look pretty sweet.  It takes me back to when I went on trek.

I´ve been learning lots about agency.  We often pray and pray and pray for guidance and help in our lives, forgetting that we fought so hard in the pre-existence for the chance to choose! I think Heavenly Father is a lot more content than we sometimes think to let us make our own decisions and figure things out for ourselves.  If he told us everything to do, would it really be any different than Satan´s plan?? I read in True to the Faith this past week, "Heavenly Father will rarely do something for us that we can do for ourselves."  We have the resposibility to make choices, work, try, counsel with the Lord, ask him for his help and to consecrate our actions, and trust that he knows what´s going on!  That being said, he will help us and guide us and bless us as we go to him in prayer and involve him in our lives.  "Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you."  A little something that I´ve been learning lately.

Love you all tons! Hope you have a great week, and happy Pioneer Day in a week!

Elder Hart

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